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I stole this from desalete because it interested me. Also, it was the same year (2002), a year I remember hating in music, so this was a good experiment.

1. Go to, and find the greatest hits for the year you turned 18. (on the left-hand side)
2. Select at least the first 40.
3. Bold the ones you like.
4. Strike out the ones you hate.
5. Italicize the ones you are familiar with but neither like nor hate.
6. Leave the ones you don't know as is.

1. A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
2. Hot In Herre - Nelly
3. Complicated - Avril Lavigne
4. Girlfriend - N Sync & Nelly
5. Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
6. Can't Fight The Moonlight - LeAnn Rimes
7. Dirrty - Christina Aguilera
8. A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
9. Heaven - DJ Sammy
10. Gimme The Light - Sean Paul
11. The World's Greatest - R Kelly
12. Jenny From The Block - Jennifer Lopez Featuring Jadakiss & Styles
13. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) - Toby Keith
14. Goodbye To You - Michelle Branch
15. Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
16. The Game Of Love - Santana Featuring Michelle Branch
17. Young'n (Holla Back) - Fabolous
18. She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mudd
19. Starry Eyed Surprise - Oakenfold Featuring Shifty Shellshock
20. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
21. Say I Yi Yi - Ying Yang Twins
22. Just A Friend 2002 - Mario
23. Hey Baby - No Doubt and Bounty Killer
24. Work It - Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott
25. U Don't Have To Call - Usher
26. Without Me - Eminem (edited)
27. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) -iio
28. Hero - Chad Kroeger Featuring Josey Scott
29. Oops (Oh My) - Tweet
30. Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem (edited)
31. Who's Your Daddy - Toby Keith
32. Gotta Get Thru This - Daniel Bedingfield
33. A Woman's Worth - Alicia Keys
34. In The End - Linkin Park
35. Ain't It Funny - Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule
36. Luv U Better - LL Cool J
37. Gangsta Lovin - Eve and Alicia Keys
38. Lose Yourself - Eminem
39. Hella Good - No Doubt
40. I Need A Girl (part 1) - P. Diddy, Usher and Loon
41. Always On Time - Ja Rule and Ashanti
42. What's Luv? - Fat Joe and Ashanti
43. Escape - Enrique Iglesias
44. My Sacrifice - Creed
45. Underneath It All - No Doubt and Lady Saw
46. My Neck My Back - Khia
47. Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira
48. Disease - Matchbox Twenty
49. A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs JXL
50. Foolish - Ashanti
51. Pass The Courvoisier Part II - Busta Rhymes with Diddy & Pharrell
52. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
53. Rollout (My Business) - Ludacris
54. Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink
55. Stole - Kelly Rowland
56. 7 Days - Craig David
57. Take Ya Home - Lil Bow Wow
58. Objection (Tango) - Shakira
59. The Rising - Bruce Springsteen
60. Just Like A Pill - Pink
61. Down Ass Chick - Ja Rule
62. Dilemma - Nelly & Kelly Rowland
63. Youth Of The Nation - P.O.D.
64. All You Wanted - Michelle Branch
65. Where Are You Going - Dave Matthews Band
66. Happy - Ashanti
67. Feel It Boy - Beenie Man
68. Still Fly - Big Tymers
69. The Ketchup Song - Las Ketchup
70. I Need A Girl (part 2) - P. Diddy, Usher and Loon
71. Roc The Mic - Beanie Sigel & Freeway
72. No Such Thing - John Mayer
73. Here To Stay - Korn
74. Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake
75. Overprotected - Britney Spears

What a crappy year. I'm actually kinda surprised I knew everything in that top 75, but I had some e-friends that were pretty big into terrible music and I had to listen to most of these via TeamSpeak. Plus, you know, I was still half-interested in MuchMusic at that point.

So, I decided to take a look at the year of my birth to see how it compared, and I liked far more songs.

Go figure.

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I just wanted to let you know that absolutely nothing exciting has happened in my life in the last six months.

Except rage. Rage is pretty exciting.
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Warhammer Online

Played this in closed beta, and with the NDA lifted, I can give some commentary.

I don't really have time to put a detailed review together, but the short version would be:

* Interface is like WoW.
* Lore is awesome.
* Mechanics are closer to WoW than DAoC, but the design behind them feels more like DAoC than WoW.
* Public Quests are brilliant.
* RvR (PvP) is awesome. The larger-scale mechanics of it are like a very refined DAoC design, and the way you can PvP from level 1 effectively is great. The fact that PvE whores also have an effect on the realm war is fantastic.
* There is a ridiculous amount of content.

I was apparently playing in the most hastily designed realm pairing (elves/dark elves), and things looked awesome. I look forward to seeing the polish of the others.

Also, there is a new cinematic trailer that just came out, and it's fantastic.


I'm kinda bored at night lately. Might be time to start writing boring RPG nostalgia stories!

I may post something nobody cares about tonight.

P.S. Rob The Prez-O-Dent is hilarious. It's on YouTube somewhere.

What I Want In A D20 Future Game

So on my walk tonight I was thinking about stuff, and a list of things I would want for a d20 Future game popped into my head.

That list is provided here, although it may fluctuate as I think of more bullshit I don't want.


  • The setting would preferably be a fairly standard science-fiction setting.

  • The progress level should be PL 7 or PL 8, depending on whether or not interstellar travel is permitted.

  • The setting should not contain any alien races -- at least to start. If they exist, they should be on the fringe.

  • Ideally, the setting would be one at peace time, or if there's a conflict, it would be a fair distance away from our starting location.


  • Character generation should be limited to human, 4d6, reroll ones, drop the lowest.

  • The party should start out at level five; presumably, we grouped up at level three and have travelled together for two levels of whatever the hell we've been doing. This allows us to have assumed friendships and an understanding of each others' abilities.

  • If you have a background plot hook, keep it fucking hidden.

  • Characters should be specialists in their field, but everyone should have Personal Firearms Proficiency, unless they're an unarmed combat specialist. Of course, if we're a party focused around combat encounters, we should be beefier.

  • Characters should have some form of loyalty, even if we're all motivated by the dollar. Less backstabbing, more flanking together.

  • The Wealth system should be ditched; starting cash could be determined by determining wealth as normal, adding, say, ten, and converting that to a cash amount based on that stupid table with purchase DCs. Item costs should be converted and eyeballed to fit somewhere within their old wealth value.

  • If travel is solely in-system, the party should likely not have a ship. If there is inter-stellar travel, the party should have one ship, and everyone should have a part in it financially. Most sci-fi parties didn't have fifty bajillion ships, including three capital class ships, right from the start. If we can afford a big enough ship, people can get fighters if they want. Heck, maybe we'll have to by a used or flawed ship.

  • Future Tech is a no. Anything in that should be adventure rewards. Even the mundane shit.

  • Ammunition needs to be tracked.

  • Advancement should be at a decent pace. No faster than every second session, no slower than once a month. That's enough to keep everyone excited about a level-up if building our empire isn't progressing fast enough.


  • Whatever we decide to do as a career, adventure design should stick to that. If we decide we want to trade goods to start (my preference), that's what we should do. If we want to raid asteroid belts for wrecked ships, that's what we should do. This should remain the way it is, with little twists (oh noes contraband/pirates for cargo, space monstars and creepy mindfucks for abandoned ships), for a few levels, since we start at level five.

  • If a player has a background plot hook, keep it fucking hidden. We don't want to know on the first session that player X was secretly trained by elves and may have elf lineage, or that player Y's father is some crazy bajillionth level monk who strikes down waves of superior enemies with a wave of his fist. Not right away, anyway.

  • Don't involve us in any conspiracy or wartime bullshit unless we actively seek it out through our actions. Ferrying cargo and stopping to inspect an abandoned ship shouldn't have us suddenly hunted by the Illuminati -- not at fifth level. If we encounter a pirate and kill him, he shouldn't be the seventh son of the seventh son of a Space Yakuza Warlord, who spend the rest of the campaign hunting us down for revenge -- again, not at fifth level.

  • Plotfucking should not happen until at least level seven or eight, but preferably after level ten.

  • Again, don't rope us into any wartime bullshit. If a conflict breaks out, and we happen to be nearby, but don't get involved, leave it be. Don't hound us with it relentlessly. In three levels, we may decide we want to trade arms or smuggle supplies to one side or the other.

  • On a related note, guards shouldn't have ESP, and enemies shouldn't be beyond our means. If we're law enforcement, we should be hunting low-level ordinaries at level five. If we're smugglers, and we're trying to carry something that's easily concealed due to size/quality past a low profile checkpoint, the guards shouldn't be psychic. Unless we're smuggling into a psychic empire, but don't put any of those in either.

  • If you decide to incorporate a universe-ending evil, acknowledge that we may not want to stop it and may report it so that other heroic NPCs can deal with it. We may, again, support them in ancilliary quests, but we may not want to save the day right away.

  • The big bad can be "mindless" Borg-like enemies, but I would rather there's some 'human' element to them, in that we may at least be convinced to aid their cause if the bullshit is layered on thick enough and we all blow at Sense Motive (or have shitty Will saves). I would also prefer no ancient societies come back to wreak havoc, no crazy generic cults, no "LOL CAPTURED MINDSLAVE GL HF" crap, and no "oh their technology is PL OVER 9000!!!!!!!! WHAT OVER 9000!!?!??!?!" crap either.
  • On a related note, none of that shit should happen until level ten when we're finally something above high-level ordinaries. Neither should cheap deaths, character transformations (omg you went into a room and something was glowing ding you're a level 1 acolyte), paranormal encounters, or M. Night Shyamamamamamalan twists.

  • Also on a related note, if at that point you decide you want to plotfuck someone due to background, I feel that level ten is fair game.

  • Whatever we decide to do, don't force us onto another 'career path'. Drop things that might entice us, but don't railroad us. Or spacerail us. Or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Rock Band 2

Okay, so it's a given that the only things I ever post here about are Rock Band related, and that's because I don't D&D or play Magic or do any of that anymore really, and I don't really need to share the fun work-related drama that is actually not very dramatic for me.

Anyway, the full setlist for Rock Band 2 was announced, and it is pretty much sex, especially considering you can also port over all of the DLC and most of the tracks from the original.

For reference, bold is the shit I fistpumped for.

1. AC/DC “Let There Be Rock” 1970s
2. AFI “Girl’s Gone Grey” 2000’s
3. Alanis Morissette “You Oughta Know” 1990’s
4. Alice in Chains “Man in the Box” 1990’s
5.. Allman Brothers “Ramblin’ Man” 1970’s
6. Avenged Sevenfold “Almost Easy” 2000’s
7. Bad Company “Shooting Star” 1970’s
8. Beastie Boys “So Whatcha Want” 1990’s
9. Beck “E-Pro” 2000’s
10. Bikini Kill “Rebel Girl” 1990’s
11. Billy Idol “White Wedding Pt. I” 1980’s
12. Blondie “One Way or Another” 1970’s
13. Bob Dylan “Tangled Up in Blue” 1970’s
14. Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” 1980’s
15. Cheap Trick “Hello There” 1970’s
16. Devo “Uncontrollable Urge” 1980’s
17. Dinosaur Jr. “Feel the Pain” 1990’s
18. Disturbed “Down with the Sickness” 2000’s
19. Dream Theater “Panic Attack” 2000’s
20. Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf” 1980’s
21. Elvis Costello “Pump It Up” 1970’s
22. Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way” 1970’s
23. Foo Fighters “Everlong” 1990’s
24. Guns N’ Roses “Shackler’s Revenge” 2000’s
25. Interpol “PDA” 2000’s
26. Jane’s Addiction “Mountain Song” 1980’s
27. Jethro Tull “Aqualung” 1970’s
28. Jimmy Eat World “The Middle” 2000’s
29. Joan Jett “Bad Reputation” 1980’s
30. Journey “Anyway You Want It” 1970’s
31. Judas Priest “Painkiller” 1990’s
32. Kansas “Carry On Wayward Son” 1970’s
33. L7 “Pretend We’re Dead” 1990’s
34. Lacuna Coil “Our Truth” 2000’s
35. Linkin Park “One Step Closer” 2000’s
36. Lit “My Own Worst Enemy” 1990’s
37. Lush “De-Luxe” 1990’s
38. Mastodon “Colony of Birchmen” 2000’s
39. Megadeth “Peace Sells” 1980’s
40. Metallica “Battery” 1980’s
41. Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Where’d You Go” 1990’s
42. Modest Mouse “Float On” 2000’s
43. Motorhead “Ace of Spades” 1980’s
44. Nirvana “Drain You” 1990’s
45. Norman Greenbaum “Spirit in the Sky” 1960’s
46. Panic at the Disco “Nine in the Afternoon” 2000’s
47. Paramore “That’s What You Get” 2000’s
48. Pearl Jam “Alive” 1990’s
49. Presidents of the USA “Lump” 1990’s
50. Rage Against the Machine “Testify” 1990’s
51. Ratt “Round & Round” 1980’s
52. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give it Away” 1990’s
53. Rise Against “Give it All” 2000’s
54. Rush “The Trees” 1970’s
55. Silversun Pickups “Lazy Eye” 2000’s
56. Smashing Pumpkins “Today” 1990’s
57. Social Distortion “I Was Wrong” 1990’s
58. Sonic Youth “Teenage Riot” 1980’s
59. Soundgarden “Spoonman” 1990’s
60. Squeeze “Cool for Cats” 1970’s
61. Steely Dan “Bodhisattva” 1970’s
62. Steve Miller Band “Rock’n Me” 1970’s
63. Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” 1980’s
64. System of a Down “Chop Suey” 2000’s
65. Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” 1970’s
66. Tenacious D “Master Exploder” 2000’s
67. Testament “Souls of Black” 1990’s
68. The Donnas “New Kid in School” 2000’s
69. The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat” 1980’s
70. The Grateful Dead “Alabama Getaway” 1980’s
71. The Guess Who “American Woman” 1970’s
72. The Muffs “Kids in America” 1990’s
73. The Offspring “Come Out & Play (Keep ‘em Separated)” 1990’s
74. The Replacements “Alex Chilton” 1980’s
75. The Who “Pinball Wizard” 1960’s
Bonus Artist Bonus Song Title Decade
76. Abnormality “Visions” 2000’s
77. Anarchy Club “Get Clean” 2000’s
78. Bang Camaro “Night Lies” 2000’s
79. Breaking Wheel “Shoulder to the Plow” 2000’s
80. The Libyans “Neighborhood” 2000’s
81. The Main Drag “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter” 2000’s
82. Speck “Conventional Lover” 2000’s
83. The Sterns “Supreme Girl” 2000’s
84. That Handsome Devil “Rob the Prez-O-Dent” 2000’s


Most of the stuff I didn't immediately fist-pump for is pretty win, although I want to recommend you all check out Visions by Abnormality.

I laughed so hard at the song, the band's description of their sound, and the fact that it's a female vocalist.


You know, I can deal with 'catch 'em all' style elements in video games. Get all the skulls, get all the hidden packages, and so forth.

Usually, I just ignore them, or wait until I finish the rest of the game and pick up an FAQ to track them all down.

But the sick son of a bitch who decided to give you radar to find them in No More Heroes?

Yeah, fuck you, buddy.


So, the good news? European 'exclusive' Rock Band tracks will be North American DLC.

The bad news? I get to hear my friends try and sing in German and French.

Oh boy.