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Peace is impossible, no matter what it seems.

Someone's killing someone, even in your dreams.

5 August 1984
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I accidentally removed all this and don't care to type it up again. So here it is in brief.

I like video games (Dark Age of Camelot and Rock Band being my current drugs), role-playing games, most msuic, movies, well-written books, being an arrogant prick, and being a jackass over the internet since you can't punch me in the face.

I work for Avis Budget Group as an Optimum/Major Accounts and Assist Lead.

Essentially this means that I answer questions for the other people that work here and deal with pretentious jerks who believe they are entitled to perpetual ass-kissing because they pay money for premium service. It also means I get to listen to people cry to me every day about how their job is so utterly stressful and how we do nothing to help them when they ask inane questions.

Hey, I'm not afraid to say it. Most people? Stupid.

Any other information you want, you can ask me about and I'll answer. Possibly. Yay.